Caesar Creek State Park 

 The Park's 43 miles of hiking trails provide beautiful and striking views of the lake and the surrounding area.  The trails range from mild to extremely rugged as the trails traverse everything from open meadows and shoreline to steep ravines.  Some of the more prominent routes are listed below:

Trail Route Description Distance*
50 Springs to Wellman Meadows
After breaking away to the left from the mountain bike trail, this hiking trail passes through a small ravine, through a clearing and then along an inlet to Crawdad Falls.  From there, it proceeds to Pioneer Village.  The trail can be picked back up behind Pioneer Village, where it then passes by a water tower and then ends on the road that leads down to Wellman Meadows Boat Ramp (Continuing along the trail across the road will lead you to Flat Fork Picnic Area).
2.5 miles
Flat Fork Area
This trail circles the area between Flat Fork Picnic Area and Wellman Meadows Boat Ramp.  Points of interest include the Spillway, and an overlook over Horseshoe Falls.
5 miles
Tail water / Gorge Area
There are several miles of hiking trails circling the Caesar Creek Gorge. One section of trail leads up a long, steep hill to a wildlife area above the spillway. Birdhouses and a nature blind have been set up. Other trails lead downstream into the gorge.
3 miles
Visitor Center to Furnas Shores Boat Ramp
This rugged trail delves into some of the deepest and most mature woods in The Park.  The Day Lodge is halfway between the boat ramp and the Visitor Center.  Other points of interest include an old sugar camp about a mile away from the Day Lodge, towards the boat ramp, and an old stage coach trail near the Visitor's Center.
6 miles
Furnas Shores to Moonlit Vista Bridle Trail
This loosely connected series of paths leads along the west shoreline of the lake.  After emerging from the woods near Furnas Shores, it crosses under the St. Rt. 73 bridge and stops next to a fishing platform.  The trail resumes on the far side of a nearby pond.  From there it hugs the shoreline, passing through the Beach and North Pool Boat Ramp.  The last mile or so of the trail is on the crest of a large dike with a good view of the lake.  The trail then joins with the Moonlit Vista bridle trail.
4 miles
Campground Trails
There are various trails throughout the campgrounds passing from loop to loop and providing shortcuts to various locations in the campground.  There is also a gentle one mile fitness trail at the dead end of Center Rd.  Consult the Campground Map for a more detailed look at these trails.
6 miles total

*Please note that all distances are approximations.

Buckeye Trail

A 16 mile section of the Ohio Buckeye Trail passes through The Park.  Starting from Clarksville road, it shares the route from the Visitor Center to Furnas Shores, follows the trail past the Beach and up to the bridle trails.  It follows the bridle trails north to Spring Valley - Paintersville road.  The Buckeye Trail then rejoins its main route in Spring Valley.

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