Caesar Creek Lake has some of the best fishing in the state. Fishermen have pulled out some of the most amazing catches out of the lake over the years and there are still plenty more large catches just waiting for you to find them.
Caesar Creek State Park Fishing Map

Before you go, you want to be sure you are fishing where it is allowed. Most of the fishing at Caesar Creek State Park has to be from a boat as there are only limited areas where one is permitted to fish from the shore. You can consult this map to see where fishing is permitted.

Ohio Fishing Regulations

While you are fishing at Caesar Creek, it is always important to know the fishing regulations. All of the Ohio Regulations are enforced at Caesar Creek Lake. If you aren’t sure of the regulations, they can be found here.

Ohio Fishing License

In order to fish at Caesar Creek, everyone 16 years and older must possess a valid Ohio Fishing License. The page on Ohio Fishing Licenses can be found here.