Mountain Biking Trail Locations

The over 7,900 acres of Caesar’s make it one of the largest parks in the state. The Campground Loop is easy, but the other three loops are incredibly rugged and technical and intended for riders with a high level of experience. Very steep grades, streams, fallen trees, and other hazards are prevalent.

The Map shows the trails and their Trail Head locations.

Other Trails

The 50 Springs Loop Trail located off of State Route 73 is also a multi-use trail which can be used for Mountain Biking. On this trail, please watch out for hikers as they have right of way on the trail.

The Perimeter Trail is a trail which is not open for Mountain Bikes. That trail is a pedestrian only trail and Mountain Bikes are not permitted to use this trail for biking.

Any questions about the Mountain Bike trails, please contact the Cincinnati Off-Road Alliance. . You can also find them on Facebook.